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WebSummit – Who is going to be the next Unicorn ?

Portugal had the highest number of startups represented at this year´s WebSummit.  As we have said in previous post,  besides gathering the right ingredients, the availability of funding and Portugal´s very high entrepreneurial quality, those are the key drivers to master the next unicorns.  In fact, Portugal has managed to become in the past years…
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Web Summit – Portugal has the highest number of startups represented this year!

Web Summit has just kicked off, which due to the pandemic, is totally online this year.  More than 100,000 attendees from 160+ countries are now connected. Among those are 2,500 startups and 1,145 investors, ready to start making business!  If numbers show the vitality of the ecosystem, Portugal has the highest number of startups represented,…
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6 startups pick Rio Maior in Portugal to start operations in Europe

Despite these unprecedented times there are still amazing opportunities available out there.  Either you are an early-stage or a cash-hungry startup, today we’re here to tell you not to give up. The great news is that there is always money for good projects.  After a fast kick-start, we had just gotten approval for more 6…
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