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Softlanding Talks in WebSummit: Opportunities for Scaling up from Portugal

Congratulations if your startup was one of the 2,500 approved startups. Being the largest startup event in the world,  WebSummit is all about startups and investors. So, with the startup package you are automatically added to the Investor Meetings portal, this is where investors view the startup profiles and select those they would most like…
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6 startups pick Rio Maior in Portugal to start operations in Europe

Despite these unprecedented times there are still amazing opportunities available out there.  Either you are an early-stage or a cash-hungry startup, today we’re here to tell you not to give up. The great news is that there is always money for good projects.  After a fast kick-start, we had just gotten approval for more 6…
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Are you an innovative, high-flying small or medium-sized business with European and global ambitions?  Are you looking for substantial funding to support you in the last stages of development?  Then you are a perfect fit to apply to the EIC ACCELERATOR funding program which is due on October 7th. The EIC Accelerator pilot, part of…
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