Softlanding Program “Portugal Growth”

Softlanding Program “Portugal Growth”

The great news here in Europe is that, European leaders have recently reached an agreement, designed to rescue European Union countries hit hard by this pandemic crisis. 

Unprecedented crisis calls for unprecedented solutions and demand unconventional approaches.  So we, at Rede Dinâmica XXI decided to move fast and will be starting promoting our new Softlanding Program “Portugal Growth”, starting September. 

One of the attractions of this new Program will be a Free Webinar, to be held every week.  You will have access to our first-hand content on the “European Union Recovery Funds” and other premium content like how to create a company in Portugal without the need to leave your own country, how to increase your chances to be successful in Europe by doing your MVP in Portugal, dos and don´ts in finding Investors in Europe and last but not the least a Case Study will be presented through a testimony.

What are you waiting for ?

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