Rede Dinamica XXI program – “MVP”

Rede Dinamica XXI program – “MVP”

Promoting Portugal as a “softlanding” country is central to Rede Dinâmica XXI´s positioning in the market. 

We have noticed that some of the startups have failed to enter in the Portuguese/ European market because either they have not planned it (do not have a strategic plan in place) or they have not study well the market. 

Part of that “preparedness” is to check if the product they are carrying is a good fit for the local market. In other words testing it with local “customers”. Our new program, nicknamed “MVP” will help them on that. And our team will make sure that you will get a great feedback from different angles: marketing, legal, customer. On top of that you will get a great discount if you decide to move to open up the company. 

What are you waiting for ? Get in touch with us  TODAY, if you are willing to benefit from these opportunities here.

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