Portugal Ventures

Portugal Ventures

Rede Dinâmica XXI has been awarded by Portugal Ventures as a member of the Ignition Partners Network, thus once more being recognised our commitment to the Portuguese startup ecosystem.

Our accreditation allows the startups that are choosing our softlanding programs, to access a greater set of financing instruments to support their entry in the largest economy in the world, with a GDP per head of €25 000 for its more than 500 million consumers.

With this achievement, our startups will have now more opportunities to access to funding like the set of measures launched by the Portuguese Government. In close collaboration with its partners, Portugal Ventures has been preparing a number of financing instruments to help Portuguese-based startups to regain their footing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic with a total of €18 million to invest.

“the initiatives we are now launching in these exceptional times, must contribute to economic recovery, thereby anchoring Portugal as a benchmark for innovation and technology”. Rui Ferreira, Vice-President of Portugal Ventures.

Contact us TODAY, if you are willing to benefit from these opportunities.

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