Fractaal is a social network cluster formed by several specific semantic networks.

Vertical Social networks are starting to emerge as a response to the need for spaces where users can interact and socialize with people who share their interests. 

Fractaal can be adapted to various markets or topics, resulting in a conglomerate of exclusive Subnets – is focused on AI-based Targeted advertising and Machine Learning-based Big Data:

  • Targeted advertising: to sell extremely targeted and targeted advertising;
  • Big Data: Data can be cataloged from a variety of characteristics, such as gender, age and interests, as well as regionalized from small to global locations.

Users can tailor their experience based on their interests and behaviour within the network. These actions provide information that is collected and used to provide better insights for those who want to advertise in Fractaal and/or access superior knowledge of their market.

The project was also conceived as a platform to provide businesses of all kinds and sizes with innovative tools for reaching and knowing their audience as well as for their development and adaptation to current and future market changes. These features and mechanisms fit very well to the current social and economic issues, thus helping overcome the problems people and businesses are facing today.


Their mission is to connect and help successful people and businesses in a trusted and socially responsible social network.

Fractaal intends to be the model for a new style of Social Network, where “Social” means not only socialization but also social responsibility, based on values ​​such as equality, trust and respect.

The way the world is evolving is constantly generating new needs and ways to generate income and achieve success. By providing users with a platform with a set of tools they can use to connect, interact, create, and be rewarded for that, we’re helping them achieve their goals and meet those needs.


The Market: 

Fractaal is thought of as a fundamental tool for companies and entrepreneurs looking for the best ways to reach their target audience, so that they can achieve their goals. Some examples are social networks, digital advertising, social media advertising, search advertising and big data companies.

However, it is possible to define some target groups to implement our product:

  • Alliances and Promotion: Through alliances with public and private organizations in each market, we aim to reach part of our users. Promotion will be one of the benefits for those who decide to work with us from the beginning, being the precursors of Fractaal. These collaborations also result in the development of different programs that bring mutual benefits, and in the joint development of some resources.
  • Topic Experts: Considering that there is a tendency for micro-influencers to gain importance, we will also make alliances with them. This would represent an incentive for influencers to flourish and better reach their audience on the topic (s) they know best, have better collaborations with the brands and participate in the near future of our projected profit sharing program.
  • Organic: With the different collaborations underway, we will be promoting Fractaal to users through organic reach, either through disclosure or through the employees’ social channels.
  • Media channels: dissemination in different media and news channels.


FundRaising traits: 

They are currently looking for between 50K-100K to complete their MVP validation. If you are interested to get to know more about them, get in touch with us, and we will send you the PITCH-DECK. 

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