European Union recovery funds

European Union recovery funds

As you may know, the 27 European Union governments have reached a breakthrough agreement designed to rescue European Union countries hit hard by this pandemic crisis, following marathon talks in Brussels. The funds will be distributed among the countries and sectors most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, and will take the form of grants and loans. “Europe, as a whole, has now a big chance to come out stronger from the crisis,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has said.

Other good news is that Portugal will be holding the Presidency of the European Union and therefore will have a say in how these funds will be allocated.  Portugal has been chosen by startups from all over the world as a gateway to their European business so for sure startups will remain a major target of these multi-million funds.  

Those who decided NOW to base their European operations here certainly will get a competitive edge over the competition.   What are you waiting for ? Act NOW before it is too late!   

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