BestRide (APP+WEB platform) is a new sales channel to solve various problems in the tourism and cultural entertainment services, affecting clients, professionals, residents, businesses, city halls, authorities like the police, Government, traffic and consequent pollution levels. It includes training, specialized publications (B2B/B2C) and a marketplace.

In the catalogue, where professionals can build and show their special offers, the customer can quick and easily know the variety of local services, their real prices, choose, book, pay and evaluate the experience by type of tour (Historical, Thematic, Team Building, Marketing Events, Celebrations, Virtual Tours…), by type of vehicle (4 different Tuk Tuk models so far, car, van, bicycle, Segway, scooter, build own tour, etc), by professional profile and language.

Partners: Rede Dinâmica XXI, Universidade Lusófona (University), ANCAT (National Tourism Drivers Association).

Prizes: European Development Regional Fund 4Helix+ (2019); Portugal Tourism Minds (2020)
WebSummit Startup ALPHA: 2019, 2020, 2021

Measure to Support Safety against COVID-19: Adopted and promotes Clean & Safe rules by Turismo de Portugal (Portugal Tourism)

Solution built by a former tour guide and former journalist.



Offer the best quality of service in tourism entertainment. BestRide aims to monetize time and money for professionals and customers, to be a management support, cultural reference, integrate the national offer in a single platform, sell, analyze and assess the existing diversity to also create new tours and experiences in areas still to be explored inside and outside the villages/cities, online and offline; work in partnership with suppliers of important products/services for these targets, contribute to increase national exports, relieve municipalities, police, civil protection; integrate the academic community in the development and continuity of the platform.


Portuguese Market: 

Portugal’s total contribution of tourism to GDP: 42.8bn USD (12% annual growth in 10 years until 2019, according to UNWTO); with the pandemics 18.7bn USD (2020). Number of travel and tourism companies: more than 70K (2019). Number of employees: 363.7 thousand (a few thousands with no work contract do not figure in any data). From 2 Tuk Tuks at the service of tourism in Lisbon by 2013, to over 800 plus other new vehicles and offers by 2019 – reaching its market saturation in Lisbon and Sintra. Tuk Tuk business expanded already to every currently major touristic city in the country (Sintra, Porto, Setúbal, Algarve, Madeira Island, among others) as well to Barcelona, Madrid, Greece, Antwerp, Paris, Cannes, UK, USA…


B2B: Tour agencies and any organization in search for their services (pre-defined tours and mini-tours): Multinationals, SMB’s, NGO’s, Governments/Diplomacy, Institutional and other Commercial Partners.

B2C: Tour guides and final customer (tourist/traveler alone or with its family and friends).

BestRide wants to first address Lisbon and Sintra problems, where the market got saturated and more problematic, following the expansion to other major touristic cities and countryside (where tourism is growing quickly since 2020 due to the pandemics and with Government’s measures), include river/sea tours (being currently addressed), air tours, and internationalization.


FundRaising traits: 

Currently under MVP validation development phase. Raising between 50K-150K will be a great asset to face the next steps. If you are interested to know more about BestRide and eager to improve everybody’s tour experience, get in touch with us.

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