Astrolábio- Rede Dinâmica XXI

Astrolábio- Rede Dinâmica XXI

Building upon its new Investment Fund – Astrolábio – Rede Dinâmica XXI is organizing an Executive Course specially targeted at investors outside of Europe. If you are an investor in the Astrolábio Fund a free slot is waiting for you! 

In these unprecedented times, European Union countries are mobilizing an unmatched amount of money in response to the pandemic crisis.  If you want to capitalize on these Funds, you should enrol in this course.  

Besides you will gain an understanding on how to invest in European startups or on how the Deal Flow and  Due Diligence´s processes are implemented in the Europe ´s unique innovation scene.  On top of that the Master Class is free.  It will take place from 17th August to 02nd November. 

Registration is first-come first-served. Act now! 


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